Wants List

Since I’m leaving my job for a dream opportunity, I wanted to reward myself with something nice but necessary since money will be tight. 

  1. Baggu Knapsack: I own their first original backpack for almost 3 years now and I love it but their new one includes a laptop compartment which would come in handy with my commute to NYC.
  2. LLBean Boots: I have been wanting a pair for awhile. I will be doing a lot of walking the next 6 months since I’ll be in NYC and I’m giving up my car for the time being. These will definitely keep me dry and toasty.
  3. Vapur Bottle: Again I have been in love with these guys for a few years now. I’ve purchased this a few times and it seems in my last year I’ve misplaced it so I need a new one. The fact I can always have this on hand and roll it up when I don’t need it just is too good. I had thought I wanted glass but it just isn’t practical for me. 
  4. ORE Lunch Sack: I know I’ll be packing food regularly to save money so I wanted a simple but insulated lunch bag. There were a lot of nice ones but none with handles! I really like this one. 

I couldn’t really think of anything else. I may get a combination of things. We shall see.